About Kay

I am a teacher of Biblical studies at The Westminster Schools, a Christian, independent, college-prep school in Atlanta, Georgia.  My professional background is in business, having held corporate positions from 1982-1997.  I found during that time that my favorite jobs involved some teaching and training, and, in fact, in 1993, after teaching various Bible studies at my home church, I sensed my calling to teach.  In 1997, I perceived God’s movement in my life, leading me to leave corporate life to pursue theological studies in preparation for teaching full-time.  Since 2000, I have taught Biblical studies at The Westminster Schools.  I enjoy studying and teaching both Old Testament and New Testament from an academic point of view; it doesn’t negate faith at all, but it does open up the scriptures in a way that adds so much richness to one’s faith, if allowed.

I am serving in a new role – Department Integration Specialist.  That means that I am the go-to person for technology-related issues and professional development surrounding technology for the Department of Biblical Studies at The Westminster Schools.  It doesn’t mean that I know all the technical stuff – it just means that I, with the help of my colleagues, help our department understanding what our technology needs are and adapt those needs to our curricular goals.

I also serve as one of two faculty advisers for the Honor Council.  Westminster’s Honor Council is a student-run organization whereby the faculty advisers do just that – advise.  It is a wonderful system that serves not only to correct, but to guide and educate as well.  Our council members are thoughtful, consideration, but tough, and they do a great job in helping our community remain cohesive and safe.

My education credentials are diverse.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; a Master of Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA; and a Master of Divinity from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  I believe I am done attaining degrees.  I now try to get educated through other means – primarily through personal and professional relationships.  Besides, lots of degrees don’t necessarily result in greater wisdom, although I am proud of my educational achievements.  But I think three degrees are enough.


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