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Borders Bookstores Closing

It looks like they couldn’t make it work.  There were no buyers.  So one of the most beloved retailers cherished by book lovers is closing completely – Borders Bookstores.  Some would argue that the mega-bookstore put a lot of smaller bookstores out of business, and that what goes around comes around.

But with its liquidation, approximately 400 stores will close and 11,000 people will lose their jobs.  And that is tragic.

I used to frequent Borders Books a lot before made it way too convenient to purchase books from the comfort of my living room.  Yet, the nostalgia is strong because I met my husband at Borders Books in Buckhead, an in-town suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, on February 24, 2000.  And it’s because I took my laptop there regularly, sat in the cafe and studied there, in addition to searching for books to buy with money I didn’t have that I am sad and disappointed.  Because it just feels like an institution is on the verge of death.

So I’m a little sad.  It’s so unfortunate.


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